Technology fails. All technology, whether it’s a brand new PC, Laptop, iMac, a Web mail service, or a ten-year-old PC running Windows, can potentially take a sudden nose dive.

Hard Drives are notorious for expiring, and ransomware can make their contents inaccessible. Sometimes it’s no fault of the technology: Fires, flooding, and other natural disasters can render PCs and other tech hardware inoperable. And laptops get stolen. You need insurance.

With digital content becoming paramount for business continuity protecting documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, and music with backup software is more important than ever.

We offer the following Backup Solutions:

  • Fully managed and monitored, On-site to USB or NAS hard drive backups, for servers or workstations.
  • Fully managed and monitored, Cloud or Off-site backups.
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly On-site backup drive rotation, with safe storage.
  • Disaster Recovery or Restoration of data


  • Windows / Mac or Linux backup client
  • Schedule backups
  • File versioning
  • Full and Incremental backups
  • Database backups
  • Backup file encrypted
  • Notifications to email on failure or success
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